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With the sources listed below, you can conduct various background searches of public records and information. Whether you are looking for private services to conduct the search or you are simply looking up information available online free such as license verification, court filings, vital records, business standing, sex offender list, legal research, property information and more. Simple and easy to use with instant results online and self help resources.

  Mississippi Birth Records
Information and forms for requesting access to Mississippi birth certificates and records.
  Mississippi Death Records
Request a copy of death records or death certificate from the Vital Records department for Mississippi.
  Mississippi Marriage and Divorce Record
Find record of marriage certificates or divorce certificates filed in the state of Mississippi.
  Mississippi Bankruptcy Filings
Find information on Mississippi Bankruptcy court cases, court records, and dockets by district.
  Mississippi Property Records
Locate the county government website for contacting the county tax assessor for property records in Mississippi.
  Mississippi Professional Licenses Search
Search by profession to verify current professional licensees with the Mississippi state government.
  Mississippi Business Verification
Search by name to verify business corporations filed with the Mississippi Secretary of State.
  Mississippi Bureau of Investigations
Contact information for county branches of the Mississippi State Bureau of Investigations.
  Mississippi Criminal Records
Information on obtaining criminal history reports from the Mississippi Dept. of Health.
  Mississippi Most Wanted Persons
Search Mississippi Public Safety postings of notorious felons, escapees, and the state's most wanted fugitives.
  Mississippi Registered Offenders
Enter an individual's name to find out if they are a registered sex offender in Mississippi.
  Mississippi State FBI Office
Information on the FBI most wanted in the state, reporting a crime or contacting the FBI field office in Jackson, Mississippi.
  FBI Most Wanted
  US Marshall's Most Wanted
  ATF Most Wanted
  DEA Most Wanted
  Secret Service Most Wanted
  Most Wanted Terrorists
  Employment Verification
Employers should conduct inquiries to ascertain the accuracy of work history for possible employment candidates.
  Education Verification
Employers looking to verify an individual's degree or dates of attendance should contact the institution that was indicated to request verification of the reported school record or transcript.

Find Out How You Can Expunge your Public and Criminal Records in Mississippi
See information and resources that can help you erase your criminal past, felonies and misdemeanors. If you believe your prior record is limiting your success in while seeking employment, you may want to consider expunging your Mississippi criminal record. Look into choices that are available today through services that can give you a fresh start. Find out what other purposes and advantages there are with expungments. Free information regarding services, prices, timelines and requirements. Be prepared and know your rights and the law pertaining to your case.


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